Friday, 6 July 2007

My quest for a life

I am new to all this blogging malarkey (obviously, this being my first post). Being the girly girl that i am at heart, although i would never admit this to a soul usually. I'm more of a strong, independent, no frills type of person on the outside. Anyway, being the girly girl that i am, i spent ages messing around with the colour scheme for my blog just to make sure it looked perfectly spot on. I think it will do for now.

Back to my original point. I consider myself to be a doer rather than a talker, therefore, i've become thoroughly tired of sitting around with my Nigerian friends and moaning about how there's nothing to do in London apart from clubbing (not even an option if your belief system does not exactly gel with putting on the barest minimum of clothes and gyrating away to extremely loud music in a smoke filled room till the early hours), the movies and hanging out in each others houses and moaning some more! I've decided to take matters into my own hands and find me a hobby in this town if its the last thing i do.

Naturally, i began my quest based on things that interest me. Number one being my love of books and so i joined a reading group, book club, book group, call it whatever you want but you know what i mean - a group (usually predominantly women, because we do like to talk) getting together on a monthly basis to discuss their impressions of and opinions on a predetermined book. It was good fun, i must admit. I met some really cool people (no nigerians, suprise, surprise) and we bonded over our love of good books. Unfortunately, the group died a death after about 5 months because the level of commitment could have been quite better.

After some more head scratching, i stumbled across and joined one of the music based meet up groups. I will be going out to an event next tuesday with about 15 others. Can't wait, will keep you posted............

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