Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Come into the Light

My last post was actually a reflection on my mood at the time of posting.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A Fox Might Bite My Bottom

It's not really a laughing matter, especially given that i am studying towards becoming a Psychotherapist and now have and even greater appreciation of the effect of fears and anxieties on human beings as entities, but i came across this article and found Charlie, 5's entry particularly sweet and endearing.

What children really fear

Elsie, 3 “I get scared when someone says they don't want to be my friend and they don't want to play with me any more.”

Charlie, 5 “In the daytime foxes have gone to bed but when they come out at night, a fox could bite my bottom.”

Millie, 5 “I am a bit scared of carrots. I used to be scared of pear but now I know it is nice.”

Maddie, 6 “I always tuck the duvet under my legs when I go to sleep because I don't want snakes to eat my feet. When I was little the snakes got in and ate my feet.”

Jess, 6 “In the night, when everyone's asleep, I can hear footsteps going up the stairs and I feel scared. I think there's kind of a monster creeping up the stairs.”

Josh, 8 “It's scary to think of the pollution destroying all the rainforest so the animals haven't got anything to eat and then the plants will die and the human race will die.”

Nye, 9 “I don't like burglars. When there's a loud noise upstairs I always think that there's a burglar breaking in.”

Ira, 10 “I'm scared of hookworms and tapeworms. I hate the thought of having one in my body because they worm their way into you and live inside you.”

Tula, 11 “I worry about all the people in Africa dying and I feel I should be doing something about it. I also worry about my house setting on fire.”

Lemar, 12 “I want to drive a car when I'm older, so I worry about petrol prices and more people driving electric cars which are really dangerous and will cause road deaths because people won't hear them.”

Amy, 13 “It scares me thinking that one day I might get so old that I lose my sense of humour and no one wants to be friends with me because I'm no fun.”

See the link below for the rest of the article.

Childrens fears may be fuelled by parents - Times Online