Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sorry folks

Hi guys,

Just want to apologise for my tardiness in blogging about my trip. I know y'all are chomping at the bit and foaming at the mouth in anticipation; however, my laptop is playing silly beggars and running at a snail pace for some reason. I've tried everything i can (which means CTRL ALT DEL several times over!) and it still won't wake up! I have no access to technical support as i purchased the thing off ebay and the miserable 3 month warranty has run out.

'How does this affect my blogging about my holiday?', i hear you ask. Weeeeeeeeeell. I took said laptop with me on holiday and I've uploaded all my holiday pics on to the blasted thing already (which proved to be a genius move, as when fiddling around with my camera one evening, i managed to delete about 10 shots;however, if i hadn't down/uploaded (you choose...why should i do all the work) the other shots i'd taken that day, i would have lost them all...and broken down and sobbed like a little baby, i'm sure!)

Anyway, this is just to let y'all know that i'm not holding out on you. I shall deliver as soon as i can. Until then.....Peace Out!!!!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Rolling on the (Nile) River...aka Proud Mary

Not for nothing is Tina Turner referred to as 'the most dynamic soul singer in the history of Music'.

Anyway, what i'm trying to convey is that i will be rolling on the River Nile this coming Monday, as i embark on my 7 day Nile cruise! To be honest, i'm not really feeling the excitement i thought i would be at this juncture, however, the thing is all paid for therefore i just know that that excitement will come flooding in, at the very latest, at the moment my feet touch down on Egyptian soil! And yes, i will continue to tell myself that until it becomes my reality. Ok?!

The itinerary promises a wicked experience, anyway.

But seriously, isn't Tina fabulous dah-ling?! Those legs! That presence...You really must watch the video to the end. It starts off slow, but gathers momentum and explodes 2 minutes in, and through to the end!

Yep. So i leave for Egypt on Monday. I will be back in a week with loads of pictures. Whether or not i give a day by day, blow by blow account as i did with my Marrakech trip last year here, here, here and here all depends on the way i feel, the amount of effort involved or just reader demand. Whichever way, i will be giving you the low down. It promises to be exciting, peeps!!!

So have a brilliant weekend y'all. And if you haven't already, do pop over to 14th and Serenity and check out The Doc's entry - a truly formidable feat of literary genius!!! Makes me really wish i could write too! No disrespect to the other contributors and i recognise that comparison in this sense would be apples and pears, however, to me, this is the real deal!

Peace out........

Monday, 2 June 2008

My butt hurts!

I've been doing Hip Hop Abs - in particular, the Total Body Burn work out - a little too enthusiastically! My butt (or rather my upper thighs) are aching like MAD! I know i've left it kinda late, seeing as i go on holiday in 2 weeks, but i'm really on a mission to tighten up all that loose flubber...Wish me luck!

Shaun T is like Will Smith's younger, cuter, way more ripped little brother! Very motivational (He's gay, isn't he?...). I can't believe i'm doing the work out almost every day!!! I mean ME! One of life's really lazy people...Now that's what i call a miracle!

Check him out on Ellen...