Thursday, 12 July 2007

My Quest for a Life (Part 2)

So, i went to my first gig with the meet up group on Tuesday. It turned out that there were 3 other acts before the group we thought we were coming to see actually came on, so we didn't have a choice but to sit through everything.

The first was a 'sister' from the States and she did a song accapella. It was quite good actually, especially as she didn't need a mic cos the acoustics in the venue were awesome. Did i mention the venue, by the way? Well, it's this chapel in the middle of Soho, really small and intimate and they have music gigs every Tuesday evening as a way of raising money to keep the place open. The place is very old and has a very gothic feel which was all the more enhanced by the several candles dotted around which provided the only lighting for the evening. Very spooky, but cool at the same time.

So anyway, there i was with this group of total strangers and the only black face in our group (although i've already come to terms with this particular reality and my reaction to it through my job).

So, the second act comes on and they're basically 3 guys with guitars and 1 drummer. The only polite way i can describe their music is - gentle. As in send-you-to-sleep gentle. One of my new found 'mates' - an Irish chap, commented that their stuff reminds him of 1960s Pink Floyd. One of the others laughs saying 'yes, as opposed to 1970s Pink Floyd because the two are quite different'. More laughter all round. Me, i smile and nod my head vigorously, trying to look as if i knew the heck what they were on about. Or rather, trying not to look completely clueless and ignorant. But in my defence, i have heard of Pink Floyd, i'm just not familiar with their music, ok.

These guys are not so bad actually, but they do go on...and on.........and on. They do at least 5-6 songs, all equally dreary... i mean, soothing. By the time they annouce the title of their final song i and another girl in the group are giggling rather noisily and passing comments. Not very supportive, i know, i know.

Ok, so the 3 act comes on. Four guys again - 1 guitar player/lead singer, 1 drummer, 1 ukelele (yep!) player and we had a good debate as to the nature of the final guys instrument. I can only describe it as something resembling a child's toy xylophone. So, the come on, clearly pi...., i mean drunk. The singing is atrocious. Believe me, atrocious, but the lyrics are funny. Something along the lines of 'I had a conversation with my mother one day and she told me i drank too much, now all i want to is have another ...WHISKEY! (sorry, you really had to be there).

Finally, a ripple of excitement is felt as the main attraction prepare to come on. And the do not disappoint. Definitely worth the wait. They're a jazz band and exceptionally good. I wonder what it is about creative guys, but i found myself gazing at the double bass player in fascination as he skillfully strummed the strings and caressed the shiny polished wood surface of his instrument (that's not meant to sound suggestive at all, honestly!), thinking 'hmm, i wouldn't mind a piece of that'! Then i remember they're all aged between 20 and 22 and i decide to respect my old age and appreciate their talent only.

All in all, it was a lovely night. Mixed bag, but the goal is to cram as many experiences into my existence as i can, as opposed to vegging out at home on my sofa watching tv and comfort eating.

I think i'll try salsa dancing next................

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