Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Investment Banking opportunities in Nigeria and Kenya

Hi guys,

See below an extract of am email i received from an agency if anyone's interested or knows someone who might.

These positions are based in Nigeria and Kenya and are research positions therefore I understand that there may not necessarily be a direct fit with your skill set and in that case I do apologise.

If anyone may be interested in the roles the team will be happy to be in contact with you however please do not call unless you have first applied or responded via email as this will be difficult to track. In addition, should you know anyone who could be suitable for the roles and could be interested in applying please have them/Yourselves apply to

Due to the location of the roles the hiring manager will only consider applicants who have lived/Worked in Afica however he is happy to re-locate and Ex pat packages are on offer.

The Bank hiring is a large investment Bank with offices globally and is in the top 10 in Emerging Markets. The have huge successes over the last couple of years and can offer you the opportunity to work with many leading clients.

The details below are brief however applicants must have worked in a similar role before as the manager is expecting candidates to hit the ground running.

Positions Available:-


Equity Research Editor - Copy edit, proof read and fact check equity research and investment banking research.

-Editing equity research departments weeklyflagship publication, organizing materials in a manner easily understood byreaders.

-Editing prominent equity and industryresearch reports, verifying and cross-referencing financial models (incomestatement, cash flow, balance sheet)

-Enforced legal and compliance procedures,checking reports for inflammatory wording and accuracy

Applicants do not have to have equties Experience however experience in some asset class is essential.

Ideal level of hire is Associate/VP level however this is flexible.

Deputy Head of Equity Research/Strategy

- Assisting the head of research in improving the quality of the products and producing high quality Nigerian Focussed Equity research. Also assisting in increasing the team size from 8-15.

- Regular contact with London.

Equity Analyst – Associate/VP Level

- Working as an analyst within the team covering Nigerian Equities. Significant client contact.

Macro Economist

- Associate/VP level Economist (this is however flexible).

- You must have experience working as an economist to apply.

You will be responsible for :

- Assisting in setting up the Sub-Saharan Africa (ex South Africa) economic research franchise with initial focus on Nigeria

- Liaising with the head of African Research in London with a focus on macro-strategy, rates and FX and the global Head focussing of Equity research.

- Marketing to a large number of clients and contacts in the UK/Europe and the US a about Nigeria’s investment opportunities.

- Taking part in many conferences particularly African Investor conferences and liaising with senior central bank, finance ministry and capital market authorities from African countries.

- Initiating economic coverage of African markets

- Commenting on key economic policy issues

- Extensive marketing to equity and fixed income (local markets, sovereign EM and corporate high yield) clients in South Africa, the UK, Europe/ North America AND regularly gIve bespoke presentations to key corporate accounts.


Deputy Head of Equity Research/Strategy

- Assisting the head of research in improving the quality of the products and producing high quality Kenyan Focussed Equity research.

Equity Analyst – Associate/VP Level

- Working as an analyst within the team covering Nigerian Equities. Significant client contact.

Senior Macro Economist (2ND Position available for an associate/VP level Economist)

In order to be considered for the role you must be able to demonstrate:-

- Experience working as and Economist- Economic researcher

- Experience building/updating a Sub-Saharan Africa economic database

- Publishing on the economic and political landscape of Sub-Saharan African countries with a particular focus on Kenya (publication and marketing of economic, rates, FX or Equities research product)

- Successfully developed a model of the Kenyan economy which is used to forecast economic variables

- Provided Treasury/management with economic information and forecasts.

- Applicants who are Native Kenyan and have an interest in returning and have worked as an Economist but have not covered the African Market, will be considered if you show a keen interest in the region and can demonstrate that you have monitored the region.

The team look forward to hearing if these roles are relevant to yourself. Again all applications/Queries please direct to and not myself as there are various recruiters concentrating on these roles.

I would also like to thank you in advance should you be able to forward this to anyone who may be suitable for the role and interested in speaking to us.


Natalie Basiratpour

Selby Jennings Limited

4 Carlton Gardens,

+1 (212) 231 8223
+ (852) 2159 9199


Saved Girl said...

cool post, wish I was there, I need a new change with what I been going through as of late.


Thanks for sharing this. Will pass it on.

How are you anyway?

Afrobabe said...
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Afrobabe said...

ok, deleted my previous comment cos I reread it and saw that some were actually based in nigeria..

Wanted to take time out to thank you for the comment you left on my church post...It gave me fresh insight into the situation...Thank you...

UndaCovaSista said...

@Afrobabe - My pleasure. You i got your back, girl!
And yeah, i did wonder about your first comment :)

UndaCovaSista said...

... i meant you 'know' i got your

bllk wolf said...

very totful.
hey!miss u all like KRAZY..
so u been on any "missons" lately?
i hope ur doing ok though...

Ms Sula said...

That was very thoughtful of you Undacova! Will pass it on.

How have you been? I see that you and I follow the same calendar. January 27th baby! Happy Year of the Ox. :D

Naija Bloggers Awards 2009 said...

Hey undacova sis,
U av been mia for sum tym now...

Pls do visit

A lot is going on there, and we need you to the way you were mentioned in a post titled buncha bloggers...

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